Expected Downturn in The Economy:

Steering Your Marketing and Branding in Stormy Weather!

No one is spared in this crisis.

Every business will be affected, more so for SMEs.

But all is not lost. With some courage and creativity; a system and strategy, you can overcome this challenge just as you have always done.

In this 12-page position paper, we explore:

• Tackling the challenges from a business point of view before looking deeper into marketing and branding
• Delve into Marketing and what you should look at
• Ideas around making your products being relevant during this time
• Look at how you should create new offerings within your portfolio of products
• Consider new consumer segments that may appear on the horizon
• Question how your brand can take a bigger role and accentuate its brand purpose
• Best practices when it comes to advertising and communications during crisis
• Action plan to move forward


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