Name It, Promote It

name it

If you are starting a brand, we can help you name it. Write a roaring story for it. Create a nice logo for you from the get go. We won’t bore you with big terms and lingo here. Suffice to say, we have a process we use for SMEs and multinational brands alike.

promote it

Of course, you already have a name. Sure, you already have a logo. You can’t just name it and slap a logo on it. A great brand needs its fans! You need to promote it. We are equally deft in promoting your brand in an integrated manner to the people you want to sell it to. Your brand’s fans need to know it, want it, love it!

brand development & positioning

Brand Development – Brand Positioning, Identity, Naming Convention, Brand Architecture

Brand Strategy

Brand Differentiation

Brand Messaging Development


roar your brand with our branding

with fees starting from RM38,393 onwards

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