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Who We Are

Roar Point is a marketing & branding consultancy founded by 2 partners

Together the partners have more than 40 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. We are a boutique marketing & branding consultancy. What’s that? You ask. To us, quite simply every brand seeks to build intimacy with their consumers and we help you build that relationship.

The 4r's in Roar Point


We are concerned with results. Our ideas are created to achieve the objective of your campaign. The effectiveness of a campaign is important to us because it is important to you. We believe when we help you deliver to your ROI, we will see results for our own ROI too.


To respect life and the welfare of others. We believe that respect has to be gained and trust needs to be earned. It is a two-way street. We believe life is too short for the clichéd idea of ‘one needs to be nasty, highhanded and aggressive’ to be successful in business.

right livelihood

Our means of making a living should not bring harm to others. We believe even as the world is moving with harsh principles of business, we have a moral obligation as citizens to uphold ethical standards. Corporate social responsibility should start with the way we conduct ourselves. That steers us better than any boardroom conceived CSR program.

right livelihood

Is there a place for such values in our business world? This is what Leo Burnett said in his famous “When to take my name off the door” speech, “…When you are no longer what Thoreau called a “corporation with a conscience” which means to me, a corporation of conscientious men and women. When you begin to compromise your integrity – which has always been the heart’s blood – the very guts of this agency. When you stoop to convenient expedience and rationalize yourselves into acts of opportunism – for the sake of a fast buck…”

What We Don't Do

we don't pitch

We much rather work on a small project with you if that’s what it takes to know us better. We believe that it is a much better way of understanding how you and us can work together. Pitching in our opinion is like getting married after one blind date. We understand your company may have policies to adhere to and we respect that. We just have an aversion to blind dates.

we are not an assembly line

We are a brand consultancy. Yes, we do ads as most of our clients require it. Yes, we rush things out for our clients when the need arises. But we are not an assembly line. We do not run three shifts by slapping some images and words together because we are allergic to it.

we don’t do cheap

We are small and we are equipped with years of experience from international agencies. We are proudly small and purposefully so. Some prospects construe small as cheap. Our clients see small as handmade for them. They pay us fair money and they get more than their value worth. When fed well, we do great work.

What We Believe

share of mind is share of market

Every brand wants their story to be heard. In order to be heard, every brand tries to shout as loudly as possible. But sometimes, the loudest roar is actually a whisper to the ear. You need to build intimacy in order to gain the permission to whisper in someone’s ears. It is the same with brands. When you build close enough a relationship with your consumers, they become your lover. Then you need not shout. A whisper would be as loud as roar then. How have you gained permission?


our philosophy


Plans Do Not Work. People DO.
This doesn’t mean planning is not important. It is. You must plan the work. More importantly, work the plan. What have been planned must be done. Productivity comes from doing. Results come from doing. When sweat hits the ground, plans start working out.

This is the first of the Roar Point's ten business philosophies.
What have you done today?
How have you gained permission?
Continuous execution breeds excellence.
If you cultivate a habit to plow, pick and pluck; you are learning. Season after season you become better and better.

What better way to learn but to dig, shove and plant. So, the secret is in not being afraid to walk out to the field. No ifs and buts. Only how. Brave the sun and the elements. Eventually, the fruits become juicier and juicier. The vegetables are in big bold green.

You will be the best farmer around.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This is the second of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

What can you harvest today?
Truth builds trust.
Seems so simple. It’s easy to forget.

That’s why it needs to be written. Spoken. Given more credit. Propagated. Evangelized. No matter what is your position of influence. You have a responsibility to the world. Moral obligation, I think it’s called.

It’s what you have been taught. But no matter how much you get reminded there is a tendency to get sidetracked. You may fall into a “I am OK” syndrome. Which means you rationalize why what you do is acceptable by suffocating your little voice that says, "think again." And what you sprinkle into your marketing campaign as “OK.”

Perhaps, "Primum non nocere" should apply to us in marketing, branding and advertising as well.

But you must and you can. In small inches. In long miles.

The trust is innate in your hands, heart and head.

This is third of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

How is trust built?
Authenticity leads to credibility.
If you want someone to believe you, you have to be real. Real in the way you conduct yourself. Staying true to your being.

Being authentic means not trying to please everyone. Express yourself in the way you feel most comfortable even when it carries the risk of looking uncool.

When you are uncool in your own way, you are cool.

It is mindful reflection of knowing why you are and letting the world know.

It is quiet contemplation of what you will do and what you won’t do and have the world understand.

It is the patient cultivation of take as you will give and have the world know you will be fair in your undertaking.

This is the fourth of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

Can people rely on you?
Decisions, not deliberations.
With decisions comes risk. With decisions comes power. You need to decide what are you more afraid - the risk or the power that comes with decisions?

The anxiety of decisions can make you deliberate more. If you understand - even if you lose what do you lose? And what’s wrong in being wrong? This awareness can unchain your courage. It will free you to decide.

The anxiety of decisions is an alert for you. An alarm that rings when you are too comfortable with your deliberations.

Know when it is enough and it is time to decide. Don’t be frightened by the maybes, perhaps, and uncertainties.

Those who are wise have never been afraid to risk being a fool.

This is fifth of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

What are you afraid of now?
Impact not activity.
Leave an impression in everything you do. Time is finite. Resources are finite. There is only so much you can do in a day.
You need to weigh the opportunity costs. If that’s the case, evaluate it based on what single biggest impact you can create with what you do. It applies to you personally and the brand you handle.

Confusing activities with buzz will only take you down the wrong road. 1000 lighted match sticks isn’t a bonfire. How do you start this bonfire?

Try doing this:
There is only one you. Are you depriving us of you?
Remember the Cause. What gives you meaning?
Focus on NOW. What future will you build? Risk Failing. How else can you learn? Just Do. Why haven’t you started?

This is sixth of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

What impression are you making today?
Everything has a story that needs to be told.
Stories humanize you. It makes people relate to you better. It has been a tool used for communications since cultures began. Every origin is a story. Every event and being is a story.

Stories needs to be told. Stories give meaning. It builds meaning.

It helps people remember. It evokes emotions. Makes us cry. Makes us guffaw. Rile us up. Pulls us down. Tears roll down, smiles creeps up.

This is seventh of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

Have you weaved your story for us to wear today?
Meaning before marketability.
Know your raison d’être. You build better relationship when you know why you are you. It gives you purpose and it focuses you. You learn to be authentic and you begin to be real. No one confuses who you are because you are clear on why you are.

People buy into your being. Why you are you. Which is why the meaning behind a brand is important. The vision of the brand is critical. One that is unique and distinguished. Not the banal same old same old.

Which leads us to your brand’s philosophy. A system and values that your brand believes and lives by.

This is eighth of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

What is your brand’s purposeful life?
Sound question leads to right answers.
The right answers come when you have the correct premise. Correct premises can come from sound questions. Sometimes you do not have the right answers because you ask the wrong questions.

Asking questions is a manifestation of curiosity. That curiosity propels you to have depth in your answers and lead you in the right path.

You don’t need more answers. You need better questions.

Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian writer that won the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature said, “You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”

This is nineth of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

How many questions do you have?
Conversations not condescension.
Conversations are essential in relationship. Whether you are selling or buying. Be it personal or professional.

There is way too much one-upmanship in the business world. Watch how this creeps into the way you talk to your consumers. Be mindful how this seeps into the way you talk to your business partners. Create dialogue with them. Build a two way street. There is no need to win every time.

How do you create conversations?

For some of us, it means to stop talking and to start listening.

Yet others need to be comfortable with the silence between words.

Considerate questions build bridges; ask to clarify and to express the genuine curiosity in the person.

Be mindful of endless possibilities when people start talking to you or your brand.

This is the last of Roar Point's ten business philosophies.

Can we be friends today?
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