Expansive Strategies: The Secret to Unprecedented Business Growth

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Expansive Strategies: The Secret to Unprecedented Business Growth

In the pursuit of growth, many businesses fall into the trap of over-specialization. They believe that the key to success lies in finding a niche, in personalizing their marketing to the extreme, in being everything to a select few. But what if this approach is misguided? What if the real opportunity lies not in narrowing your focus, but in broadening your reach?

The Power of Broad Targeting

Jenni Romaniuk and Byron Sharp, two giants in the field of marketing science, propose a different path. They argue that instead of targeting a specific segment, businesses should aim to reach as wide an audience as possible. The reasoning is simple: in most markets, it’s the light users, the occasional buyers, who collectively account for the majority of sales.

By casting a wide net, you ensure that your brand remains visible to all these potential customers. You’re not just preaching to the converted, but also attracting those who might not have considered your brand before. It’s about maximizing your reach, about being present in the minds of as many consumers as possible.

Encouraging Brand Switching

In a world where most products within a category are more similar than different, trying to create a radically differentiated offering can be a futile exercise. Instead, Romaniuk and Sharp suggest focusing on encouraging brand switching.

The idea is to make your brand the easy choice, the default option, when a consumer is considering a purchase in your category. You do this through consistent and broad marketing efforts, by being present at those critical moments when consumers are making their decisions.

It’s not about convincing them that your product is leagues ahead of the competition. It’s about being there, being familiar, being considered. In a market of abundance, being top of mind can be more valuable than being top of the class.

Enhancing Mental Availability

But how do you ensure that your brand is the one that comes to mind? This is where the concept of Category Entry Points (CEPs) comes into play. CEPs are the triggers, the cues that prompt consumers to think about your category. By associating your brand with as many of these CEPs as possible, you increase your brand’s mental availability.

Think of it as occupying real estate in the consumer’s mind. The more plots you own, the more likely it is that your brand will be thought of when the consumer is ready to buy. It’s about being distinctive, about creating a distinctive brand asset that is instantly recognizable and easily recalled.

The Profit Potential

So, can this approach actually increase your profit? The evidence suggests that it can. By reaching a broader audience, by encouraging brand switching, by enhancing your brand’s mental availability, you’re tapping into the true drivers of growth.

You’re not just relying on a small group of loyal customers, but also attracting new ones. You’re not just competing on product features, but on brand presence and recall. You’re not just maximizing margin per customer, but expanding your customer base.

Over time, as your brand becomes more distinctive, as it becomes the instinctive choice in more and more buying situations, you build a foundation for sustained, profitable growth. You create a virtuous cycle of visibility, consideration, and purchase.


The path to business growth is not always intuitive. It often requires challenging conventional wisdom, questioning long-held assumptions. The strategy proposed by Romaniuk and Sharp – of broad targeting, brand switching, and mental availability – is one such challenge.

It suggests that in the quest for growth, reach matters more than niches, familiarity more than differentiation, presence more than personalization. It’s a strategy that demands consistency, patience, and a willingness to think differently.

But for those businesses courageous enough to embrace it, the rewards can be significant. In a world of infinite choice and limited attention, being the brand that comes to mind first, the brand that is always there, always relevant, can be the ultimate competitive advantage.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink the narrow pursuit of specialization, and instead, embrace the power of broad appeal. Perhaps it’s time to grow your business the counterintuitive way.

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