Marketing & Media Budget Setting & Allocation


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You use a particular marketing budget setting and allocation process for years now. It’s generally very financial based rather than marketing based. X% of sales target is what you are used to. Often referred to as the top-down approach. It’s just one way and some argue a far too simplistic way of allocating a marketing budget. You have been spending on media be it digital or traditional but you always wonder about its efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes you rely on your agency or media owners’ recommendation. You wonder how you can grow your market share and your brand strength. You want to optimize your budget and find a better way to propel profits and growth.



Evaluate current budget setting and allocation process.

Recommend marketing budget to align with the marketing objectives that is based on marketing funnel data.

Marketing funnel research will be conducted in order for marketing budget setting to be data driven.

Zero based budget setting that is more marketing performance driven.

Determine budget based on marketing objective driven by data.

An independent audit and evaluation of your overall media budget to identify where it can be optimized to deliver value.


roar your brand with our marketing & media budget setting & allocation

with fees starting from RM46000 onwards (research costs excluded)

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