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November 4, 2016

Are you a miser?

I can understand. Every business wants to invest the least but reap the most benefits. But there comes a time where you NEED. TO. SPEND. THE. MONEY. Can it be done cheaper? Is there a better way? Sure there are. But wait. What’s your objective? Answer that and then find the most cost efficient and effective way to reach that destination. Always weigh the price you enjoy and the cost you will suffer. Are you spending wisely?
November 3, 2016

Did you sleep enough?

A good sleep can change the way you look at things. I am no scientist and you are smart enough to google it. What I know is this, get enough sleep and that huge thing that’s stressing you out suddenly isn’t as stressful anymore. Sleep melts stress. Skip that beer, turn off that TV, fling the book across the room and throw away that smart phone. Make love to your bed for 8 hours. What’s stressing you out?
November 2, 2016

How hard can it be?

Perhaps this is more for the newbies in life. Life is hard. Adversity builds character. If you don’t already know this, read it again. These are good things. If you respond to them in a positive manner, life gets easier as you develop more skills to deal and navigate the tough spots in life. Adversity develops your grit. With grit, your endurance gets better. It makes challenges easier to overcome. But no one can teach you these things. How tough are you?
November 1, 2016

Who are you watching?

I once attended a talk and the sifu said, “When amongst others, watch your mouth. When alone, watch your mind.” Who were you with?
October 31, 2016

Which path are you taking?

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” – Paulo Coelho I think it applies not just on the spiritual road. Do you have the courage?
October 28, 2016

What gets you going?

The negatives can motivate you or they can discourage you. There is fuel in the rejections, the frustrations, the disappointments and the resentments. Dig deep to find it. It that can set your ember ablaze. Is it still burning?
October 27, 2016

How about a product that stands out?

It’s almost funny that clients create me-too products and expect the ads to make the difference. It’s even funnier that millions go into producing me-too products, and they expect to spend only a few hundred thousand in advertising to make a difference in sales. Perhaps you got it wrong?
October 26, 2016

Do you know what it is?

There is a difference between knowing something by its name and understanding it. I didn’t say this, Richard Feynman did. This happens a lot in the marketing communications industry. Just watch up for the person who peppers his conversation with marketing sound bites. These are also the very people that drive up frustrations because they hide behind terms they themselves do not understand. The perfect example of it is the client who says, “This is not what I want” but can’t go on to explain and give examples of what he wants. It demonstrates a lack of understanding in the […]
October 25, 2016

Is it plain vanilla?

Don’t forget, sometimes what works aren’t the most creative, out-of-the-box ideas. What works are things that adhere to tried and true principles. Don’t shun the run-of-the-mill in pursuit of your fantasies. Simple doesn’t mean lousy. Do you know what is needed?
October 24, 2016

What dogmas do you hold on to?

It’s OK to say you “don’t know”. You need not have an opinion on everything. Building your opinion on a cursory reading of materials and a rudimentary understanding of the topic will confuse you more. It’s better to say “I don’t know.” Then invest time and effort into the topic. Study in-depth on the subject. Then form your own opinion. Before that, be ready to change your mind as new information presents itself. Are you ready to change your mind?
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