MarkeThink: See Other Points

September 22, 2016

Are you always in crisis?

Do it right the first time. When things are not done right the first time, many things have to be done to make it right. Do you also procrastinate?
September 21, 2016

How do you start the day right?

Prepare for it the night before. Make a list of things and clear all emails (yeah some will come in the night, but you will end up with lesser emails the next morning.) Start early. Hit your list. It’s not rocket science. But you do need discipline. What do you do the night before?
September 20, 2016

Hey you, wanna change?

Don’t worry about big plans. Big change can come with just small investments and long commitments. Small actions over a long period i.e., consistency can bring more change. How about a small step?
September 19, 2016

How about doing it better?

In a world of “more” and “faster”, doing less but doing it better seems to have been forgotten. You reap more if you do less but do it better. Why would you do more?
September 15, 2016

What value do you deliver?

If you delivered value and were sincere in your dealings, you will be rewarded in the end. One way or another. My friend Derek Sivers got dissed by Steve Jobs but because he had always delivered value and had his customers’ interests at heart, eventually he succeeded. Deliver value and be sincere is the lesson I learned from that story. Do you have their interests at heart?
September 14, 2016

Do what you love?

First identify what you love. Then identify the sacrifices you need to take in order to do what you love. Are you ready to make those sacrifices? No? You are not ready to do what you love. You really think it’s that easy?
September 13, 2016

Are you hungry?

People who are hungry work differently. They do more, work harder, press like their life depends on it. Actually, when you are hungry your life depends on what you do and how well you do it. If you aren’t as successful as you feel you should be, ask yourself if you are hungry. Are you satiated?
September 9, 2016

What challenge can you create?

Every now and then you should give yourself some challenge. Then train for that challenge, if that’s what is needed. Obviously for some you don’t need training. For example, read 24 books in 6 months. You will, however, needtraining if you were to run a marathon for the first time. Best way to get you out of the comfort zone. You can, of course, do this for your marketing plan as well. How about a blitz on your weakest competitor to grab their market share? Perhaps, that’s a jolt your team needs. Is it warm in there?
September 8, 2016

Are you executing the plan?

Sadly, there are marketers that plan all year. That’s the truth. They execute perhaps 3 tiny campaigns, if you can even call them that – in a year. The rest of the plans are just never good enough, never too sure. These people are better off executing all the plans they have written, making some mistakes, collecting the learnings and making new plans for the next year. Sometimes executing the marketing plan for the year is like turning up for work every morning. You just turn up. You don’t think too much. Is thinking hurting you?
September 7, 2016

Has it been a bad day?

Take note of the signs and keep adjusting. No, that doesn’t mean reading your horoscope daily. It means to look out for the patterns in a bad day. At least some can be traced back to you. You can make those adjustments. Those adjustments made frequent enough will minimize the frequency of bad days. Really. How many good days do you have?