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5M Strategic Market Growth Plan

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You have a vague idea which part of your marketing works. But you can’t be sure. You never had the chance of having a professional marketers review your strategic marketing plan. Ideally, you should have strategic marketing consultant do that. After all, you have accountants look through your numbers and lawyers look through your contracts. You would like to use a proper strategic marketing planning process that MNCs do. You want to look for opportunities that you may have overlooked. You want to spot challenges before they appear. In a world of over “tactification” of marketing, an independent fresh look at your strategic marketing plan is crucial. You need help to review your marketing plans and then develop a proper marketing plan to grow your profit. What you may be doing so far are tactics rather than real strategic marketing planning.


Segmentation of your market and selecting targets appropriate for your brands

Analysis of category psychographic & mapping of the brands to the most relevant target & recommendation. Distil mother brand/company message where relevant. Distil brand message & unique selling points mapped to market which are essential in your strategic marketing.


Product to focus

Market to target

Message to use

Media to deploy

Monetization ideas


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