What have you learned today?
March 15, 2011
How real are you?
March 17, 2011

What did you just say?

Truth builds trust.

Seems so simple. It’s easy to forget.

That’s why it needs to be written. Spoken. Given more credit. Propagated. Evangelized. No matter what is your position of influence. You have a responsibility to the world. Moral obligation, I think it’s called.

It’s what you have been taught. But no matter how much you get reminded there is a tendency to get sidetracked. You may fall into a “I am OK” syndrome. Which means you rationalize why what you do is acceptable by suffocating your little voice that says, “think again.” And what you sprinkle into your marketing campaign as “OK.”

Perhaps, “Primum non nocere” should apply to us in marketing, branding and advertising as well.

But you must and you can. In small inches. In long miles.

The trust is innate in your hands, heart and head.

This is third of Roar Point’s ten business philosophies. 

How is trust built?

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