What do they care?
April 30, 2012
How would you make it work?
May 3, 2012

What is your locus standi?

The other day, our client wanted us to present some work to their distributors. Sort of a “for your information” session. Just so they know what is the communication campaign that is supporting the launch of the brand.

Somehow, the distributors thought we were there to get their approval. Funny. There were comments and soon criticisms of the ads that were approved by our clients, their principals. We were a little caught off guard. For a good 30 minutes, we found ourselves on the defensive. Then something came over us. We shut up and ignored the comments. That was that. We strolled out when the meeting ended.

Why did we ignore the comments? We realized two things. One, we were not there to seek approval. So, these people have no right to comment the way they did. Two, they have no expertise in branding and communication.

It’s their right to say what they have to say, but it’s our wisdom to stop listening.

What expertise do you carry?

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