We are a boutique brand consultancy, advertising & creative agency

If you are looking for a brand consultancy that listens to your challenges and works directly with its partners and their small team, then you may have come to the right place.

We are a brand consultancy that provides ‘hand-made’ customised solutions to your unique challenges.

We are concerned with ideas. Ideas are central to stories. And ideas need not be in the form of an ad. Crafting the story based on an idea that solves your marketing challenge is what we do best.

We are concerned with the ‘effectiveness’ of a campaign not ‘creative awards.’ Again, your interests are core to what we do.


We do other things too

Of course! As and when clients’ requirements crop up like promotions to contest management to small website design. Like we say, we ‘hand make’ your customised solutions.

We love to have fun at what we do best and we look for great marketing clients to do this with. We have forged many great relationships with our clients. We intentionally keep our client list short because we like it that way.

We believe it is more important to stay true to our principles and attract like minded people to create great work with. And have fun doing it along the way. A small brand consultancy like ours allows us to be flexible and work directly with you.

What our clients have to say about us

  • Roar Point is unlike any other in the brand consultancy industry. The people behind Roar Point - Long and Wan Hoon are experienced professionals who really understand the business. After collaborating with them on several projects, I find that they bring a refreshing maturity to their work as well as a unique business philosophy grounded in strong fundamentals; 2 qualities that are found lacking in the marketplace. Best of all, they excel in what they do because they are truly passionate about building brands. Working with Long and Wan Hoon has been a most positive experience and I’d highly recommend them to any company who wishes for competent and trustworthy people working on your account. Whether you are an existing or new brand in the marketplace, Roar Point will be the right choice as your partner.
    Ray Chang, Head of Marketing
    Live-well Nutraceuticals
  • When Long helped produced Munchy’s first TV commercial back in 2002 it accelerated the sales for Munchy’s Muzic by +157% and set the platform for future branding successes. Long brings with him years of professional experience from the branding industry and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Clients partnering with Roar Point would benefit from this professionalism.
    CK Tan, CEO
    Munchy Group
  • Just like Chicken Soup for the Soul, our weekly sessions with Roar Point always feels like a boost for the DNA of Aeroline's branding. The process of Branding and Marketing can be challenging like navigating a jumbled up maze of options out in the media market, but with Wan Hoon and Long's incisive analysis and extensive experience, the clarity is restored. They are quite unique as a company that offers brand consultancy and related services. As an entrepreneurial company themselves, they see where business owners come from, an important element for most clients.
    Law Cheok Gheen, CEO